COVID-19 Checklist for Practices


Minimize infection risk on your premises

PHARMED doctors constantly reviews the global, national and state COVID-19 guidelines and will provide you with checklists to ensure that the physical premises or your practice are safe.


Utilize online appointment scheduling

PHARMED will integrate online scheduling to your website to help your staff manage potential influx of patients. Online consultations may be booked and prepaid via this system.


Educate your patients about COVID-19

PHARMED will provide you with the appropriate content to send via post and email to your patients and not only keep in touch with them but also to safeguard them from misinformation. ​


Educate your staff on COVID-19

PHARMED will provide you with COVID-19 educational materials and provide educational presentations to your staff and guidelines for appointments and general information for your patients.


Offer virtual appointments

PHARMED will help you integrate video conferencing to your practice to eliminate exposure to vulnerable patients.


Utilize online referral forms

PHARMED will integrate online intake forms and checklists to minimize waiting room time. Your practice will be receiving the completed forms in real time via email.


Keep an active website blog

PHARMED doctors will create scientifically sound medical content for your website visitors. A frequently updated website content will contribute to SEO and reassure prospective patients.


Update your website for COVID-19

PHARMED will update your website within 24 hours to ensure that your patients know the steps you have taken to provide them with a safe environment for their appointment.


Promote your COVID-19 safety measures

It's not enough to do the right thing, you must tell your current and prospective patients that you do. PHARMED will promote the safety of your practice so your patients feel confident to resume their visits.


Promote your practice on social media

PHARMED will create COVID-19 and general content and post on your social media in order to amplify your online voice, reach your current and patients where they really spend their time. 


Keep up-to-date with COVID-19 news

PHARMED will send you weekly news and updates on COVID-19 scientific breakthroughs and general news to help you maintain an edge against your competition and ensure that you safeguard the health of your patients.


Keep an active supply inventory 

PHARMED ​will provide you with the necessary lists of supplies, from masks and sterilizers as well as equipment that will be required during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

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