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Publication Planning & Medical Communication Services

With decades of experience in medical publications and promotional medical education we will help you shape your medical communications across the product lifecycle.

Outsource your publication strategy and execution to PHARMED and ensure that your clinical data reach the desired audience on time.

Medical Affairs Solutions


Promotional Review Committee (PRC) Services

With decades of experience in reviewing promotional materials for big pharma, PHARMED will ensure that the highest impact message reaches all stakeholders in a compliant risk-free manner.

Outsource your Medical Affairs PRC activities to PHARMED and ensure that the highest impact promotional messages reach your patients and decision makers.


Medical Advisory Boards

Harness insights from experts and offer to them a fulfilling experience by emphasizing their contribution to the science of your drugs.

Outsource your advisory boards to PHARMED and engage the best experts for your brand and disease area.


Website design for Disease awareness & Branded medicines

We contextualize and present your clinical data through a unique, visual, and interactive
system that promotes your brand and messaging in a powerful and compliant manner to reveal the real value of your drug to patients and healthcare professionals.

Outsource your website design and promotion to PHARMED and awe healthcare professionals and patients.


Medical Affairs Consulting & Lifecycle Management

Leadership and support throughout the product lifecycle, from pre-launch activities to loss of exclusivity.

Consult with PHARMED to achieve launch readiness or to enhance your product strategy post-launch.

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Publications Strategy

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Promotional Review Committee

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Medical Advisory Boards

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Product Website Design

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Medical Affairs Consulting

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