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The patient journey to your practice

Where to find new patients and

how to bring them to your practice with PHARMED targeted growth solutions

Learn how to improve your patient acquisition process

by solving patient's problems

one step at a time.


90% of patients are using search engines for information about their symptoms and diagnosis.

Symptom Awareness

Early in their journey, patients experience symptoms and are looking online for contextualization, reassurance, and diagnosis.


Patient problem: ​Find the right information about their symptoms.​

Your Solution: Disease awareness and through it, your own brand awareness.

At this stage, patients may not be acquainted with your name or brand. Help them become familiar by offering tangible value: appropriate, balanced, scientific information relevant to their symptoms.

We can do this together by: 

Content generation

Layer 16.png

Disease awareness presentations

Layer 14.png

Medical Brochure Design

Layer 12.png





Layer 9.png

Social Media

Marketing (Facebook Ads)

Search Engine Optimization

Layer 26.png


Search Engine


seo plus.png


Search Engine



Layer 10.png

Search Engine

Marketing (Google Ads)


55% of patients consider 4 stars to be the lowest-acceptable rating for a doctor.

88% of patients will read reviews about a provider, even after they've been referred.

Treatment Search

At a later stage of their journey, patients are seeking for treatment options. 90% of patients rely on search engines to find more about a doctor even if they have been referred to them. Depending on your level of care (primary, secondary, tertiary) they may have gotten a referral to visit your practice or the practice of a competitor.


Patient problem: ​Evaluate their options and chose the right treating doctor.​

Your Solution: Give a strong online pitch. Showcase your expertise, brand, and services. Demonstrate your values, reviews, and ratings.

At this stage, patients may know your brand by word of mouth, provider referral or from the previous stage. They will Google your name or your practice name. They will read your reviews and they will see your online listings. They will compare you with other doctors and practices.

We will steer them towards your practice by:

Layer 24.png

Physician Liaison Services

Layer 17.png

Google My Business

Layer 19.png

Listings Basic & Pro

Layer 25.png

Reputation Management


65% of patients want to make an appointment digitally (i.e., online or mobile app)

Provider Consideration

Following a successful transition from the first two steps, the patient journey leads to your website. 37% of patients consider an outdated website to be a roadblock to their physician choice. 60% of patients will prefer online booking and 40% will attempt to do this out of hours when your office manager is not available to answer the phone. More that 50% of patients will see your website from a mobile device and expect a mobile optimized website.


Patient problem: ​Feel reassured that they chose the right doctor and book appointment.

Your Solution: Clear, modern, functional website and online booking options.

At this stage, patients are just one step before booking an appointment. By visiting your website, they visit the projection of your physical premises in the digital space. The experience must be reassuring and convincing.

We can capture them by:

Layer 8.png

ADA Compliance

Layer 11.png

Online Scheduling

Layer 13.png


Layer 18.png

HIPAA Compliance

Layer 23.png

Signature Website

Layer 6.png



Patient Loyalty

Following a successful appointment comes patient retention. Your existing patients are constantly targeted by digital information and even ads by your competitors. Separately from offering a distinct, memorable experience during their appointment, keeping in touch with them after is important.


Patient problem: ​Feel reassured that you will be there during their long journey as patients.

Your Solution: Keep in touch.

You will retain existing patients by:

Layer 22.png

Patient Outreach

Layer 27.png

Social Media Management

General Considerations: Monitor Performance

Important considerations when choosing any practice growth solutions: regardless of the services you decide to apply for practice growth, having continuous reporting, guidance and support is of paramount importance. PHARMED offers you all the tools and guides you will need to own your practice growth process and evaluate your performance:

All PHARMED packages come with 

  • Free subscription to the PHARMED portal of Healthcare Excellence, the most advanced reporting system that you can access 24/7 and review your performance.

  • Free guides on all aspects of medical marketing. 

  • Continuous support: requests for website updates are fulfilled within 24hr.

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