Publication Strategy & Medical Communications 


With decades of experience in medical publications and promotional medical education we will help you shape your medical communications across the product lifecycle.


Insight Generation

A rigorous process of harnessing insights and intelligence from relevant stakeholders with the aim to contextualize existing knowledge and data and perform a thorough landscape analysis.


Insight Aggregation

Identify thematic patterns, prioritize concepts, aggregate into actionable insights and formulate questions, hold multidisciplinary meetings to align between external facing functions.


Identify Data Gaps

Review the questions generated vs. existing data in order to identify data gaps, publication gaps and needs for data generation. Start formulating and/or reshaping the publication plan.


Data Generation

Perform data analyses and consider phase 4 trials as well as real world data generation to answer stakeholder questions. Incorporate publication plan to the product lifecycle.


Data Dissemination

Execute on publication plan and promotional medical education activities with messaging tailored to each audience (HCPs, consumers and payers) via abstracts, posters, manuscripts, presentations, website content, podcasts, advisory boards and multi-channel medical affairs activities.

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