Medical Affairs Consulting & Lifecycle Management

Leadership and support throughout the product lifecycle, from pre-launch activities to loss of exclusivity.

Consult with PHARMED to achieve launch readiness or to enhance your product strategy post-launch.


38% of new drug launches exceed the expectations. PHARMED will help your product launch to be one of them.

Pre-launch phase activities


PHARMED will support your organization at a pre-launch stage:

  • Medical Differentiation Index (MDI) development

  • Target Product Profile (TPP) development

  • Gap analysis

  • Landscape assessment

  • Internal Medical Affairs structure and staffing

  • KOL mapping

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Insight Generation / Advisory Boards

  • Disease awareness and diagnostic strategy

  • Salesforce readiness and mobilization

  • Real World Data generation

  • Publication planning

  • Lexicon development

  • Presentation and MedEd development

  • Learning Management System (LMS) design & implementation


90% of all launches within a country fall close to a standard relationship between their market share and their cumulative promotional share at two years post launch.

Launch phase activities


PHARMED will support your organization at a launch stage:

  • Stakeholder Education

  • Advocacy Group Education

  • Promotional Medical Education

  • Real World Data Generation

  • Investigator Initiated Research Process

  • Congress Planning

  • Insight Generation & Publication Plan Enhancement

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies

Post-Launch phase activities


PHARMED will support your organization at a launch stage:

  • KOL Education

  • Continuing Medical Education

  • Label Expansion Strategy

  • Label Enhancement Strategy

  • OTC Switch Strategy

  • Patent Extension and LOE Strategies


Ad-hoc Medical Affairs Support


PHARMED will support your organization with world-class Medical Affairs solutions, when you require them. 

Consider outsourcing your:

  • Publication Strategy, planning and execution

  • Promotional Review Committee

  • Advisory Board planning and execution

  • Product Website

  • Product Presentations

  • Disease Awareness Presentations

  • Key Opinion Leader management

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