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KOL Management & Medical
Advisory Boards

Let PHARMED bring your advisory boards to life


Medical Advisory Boards

Harness insights from experts and offer them a fulfilling experience by emphasizing their contribution to the science of your drugs.

  • Define goal and objective

  • Identify participants.

  • Ensure compliance with global and local regulations.

  • Contract participants.

  • Contract venue / set up virtual platform.

  • Create content.

  • Create interactive surveys / questionnaires.

  • Facilitate & moderate.

  • Create summary, meeting notes.



Virtual advisory boards

Virtual Advisory boards are here to stay after the end of the pandemic. Although a face-to-face meeting remains the best way to ensure engagement, debate and productive conversation, the benefits are significant:

  • Eliminate costs related to travel, lodging and meals.

  • Offer scheduling flexibility since experts don't need to carve days out of their busy schedules to attend.

  • The pandemic has made everyone acquainted with virtual conferencing as it became the norm in 2020 and 2021.

  • Engage larger number of experts across different concepts by holding more virtual AdBoards than you would have been able to do with face to face group meetings.

  • Use virtual meetings to create a hybrid engagement for participants unable to attend in person.


In-person advisory boards

The gold standard of expert interactions will slowly re-bounce in 2021.

  • Fully engage experts with body language and emotion during your presentations.

  • Facilitate debate and productive confrontation.

  • Use extra time for scientific networking as well as side conversations that will reveal new topics of interest and insights outside the initial aim of the meeting.



Investigator meetings

The cornerstone for successful clinical trials is training and support to your investigators. Investigator meetings offer priceless benefits:

  • Rigorous investigator training.

  • Investigator updates.

  • Facilitate knowledge and experience sharing between investigators.

  • Identify recruitment issues and other challenges with clinical trial centers before they occur.

  • Motivate, energize and engage clinical trial investigators.

  • Obtain early input and harness insights that may lead to protocol amendments and improvement.


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