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Who We are

PHARMED is run by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. 

Frank Nagy, PhD

Senior Partner

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Frank Nagy has worked in scientific and healthcare fields for over 20 years in a career that has spanned academic research, digital health, medical technology, biopharma, and healthcare services. Prior to joining Pharmed Frank held senior roles within medical affairs teams at several leading  pharmaceutical companies and healthcare marketing and consulting agencies. During his career, Frank has worked within numerous therapeutic areas in activities spanning a range of medical affairs projects including strategic planning, medical information, operations, clinical trial development, KOL mapping, NDA submissions among others. Frank strives to deliver differentiated scientific and clinical value in product development and commercialization. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience having completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Gerard M. DiLeo, MD, F.A.C.O.G., CLCP

Senior Medical Director

Jay" DiLeo has practiced over 30 years as a board-certified OBGYN in the New Orleans area and in academics at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. He served as the Director of Pelvic Pain in the USF Department of OBGYN. He is a women's health author ("The Anxious Parent's Guide to Pregnancy") and currently writes, full-time, medical articles for medical professionals, EMS first responders, laypersons, and educators. He originated the website GYNOB.COM and was the obstetrical advisor for BabyZone (now Disney's Babble.COM). He is an inventor (Catheter Stethoscope), lecturer, and advocate for women's health. He and his wife are foster and adoptive parents in addition to their four children. Natives of New Orleans, they now live in the Boston area (Hull, MA). 

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Prof. Jagoda Jorga, MD, PhD

Senior Medical Director

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Professor Jagoda Jorga graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Belgrade University, Belgrade in 1978. She progressed through specialization in Hygiene and sub-specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics, before gaining an M Sc in 1989 and a PhD in 1993 on the topic of ": Joints Effects of Obesity and Health Related Habits on Metabolic Syndrome ".
From 1983. to 2017 she was employed at Faculty of Medicine at Belgrade University, Belgrade as Associate Professor and later Full Professor as well as Diet therapist at the Department of Dietetics.
Professor Jorga has published over 200 journal papers as well as several textbooks for physicians and medical students. She has also published a great deal of educational material for obese patients, participated in public health campaigns and appears in media on the topics concerning obesity and nutrition in general. 
Her research has focused on obesity management, methods of body composition and body fat assessment and factors affecting the long-term outcome of obesity treatment. 

Dr. Scott Spiridigliozzi, ND

Senior Medical Director

Dr. Scott Spiridigliozzi has been interested in health and nutrition since he was a kid, and as he got older, this interest transformed into a passion. He decided to become a Naturopathic Doctor, and received his medical degree at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. As a Naturopathic Doctor, he received 4 years of intensive medical training, which not only included understanding anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology and pathophysiology, but also how various aspects of lifestyle ,such as nutrition, impact the initiation and progression of chronic diseases, including diabetes, autoimmune disease and cardiovascular disease. His biggest passion is helping people improve their health by educating them about living a healthy lifestyle through safe, evidence-based approaches. He is also currently working on creating an online course for busy moms to teach them healthy lifestyle habits so they can feel healthier, happier and be a better role model for their kids. When he isn't learning about health and disease and working on his online business, he is reading about personal development, playing his guitar, hanging out with his cat and exercising. He really prioritizes practicing what he preaches, so he lives a healthy lifestyle so he can be a role model for others. 

Dr. Scott Spiridigliozzi, ND Senior Medical Director

Dr. Sandra El Hajj MSc, N-MD, DHSc

Senior Medical Director

Dr. Sandra El Hajj Senior Medical Director

Dr. Sandra El Hajj is a health professional specialized in Preventive Global Health. Her 12 years of education were obtained from one of the most prominent universities in Beirut (The American University of Beirut), as well as two leading universities in the State of Florida: Florida International University and NOVA Southeastern university. 

Dr. Sandra made sure to incorporate interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches in her work. Her long years of studies helped her create her own miniature world of knowledge linking together the healthcare field with Research, Statistics, Food Technology, Environmental & Occupational Health, Preventive Health and Global Health. 

Her last degree was a Doctorate in Health sciences, from NOVA, where she also pursed a doctoral specialization in Global Health. She complemented this degree by adding a graduate study in Medical epidemiology from FIU; and, an NMD. 

Her experience goes far beyond boundaries as she roamed around the USA and MENA region developing health policies for ministries of health, initiating and implementing health reform activities and awareness campaigns, leading populations in need to better health and wellness; and publishing books. With more than 12 years of experience, globally, Dr. Sandra has been a medical and grant writer teaming up with international reputable pharmaceutical and health industries, crafting their medico-marketing tools.

Lastly, Dr. Sandra founded the American Preventive Health Organization in Miami that has numerous goals, among which are innovation, research, allocation of resources and building bridges between developed and developing nations. 

Hunter McDonald 

Senior Director, Digital Media 

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hunter has always found himself immersed in the world of branding, advertising, and content creation. His advertising campaigns have been seen by millions of people all over the world. Hunter has leveraged his partnerships with various digital agencies across the US to learn the key differences that keep winning brands and campaigns successful year after year. Hunter specializes in brand and digital marketing strategy as well as provides oversight for various paid and organic campaigns and promotions.


Kre’Tonia Morgan

Director, Marketing and Stakeholder Relations

Kre'Tonia Morgan Director of Marketing and Stakeholder Relations

Originally from Vicksburg Mississippi, Kre’Tonia Morgan has spent the last fourteen years in Houston TX. Morgan attended Texas Southern University where she majored in Communications. In 2013 Kre’Tonia Morgan Founded FIPRM (Favorable Image Public Relations and Marketing) is a full service Public Relations and Marketing Firm. The mission of the company is to enhance and maintain the clients’ reputation, build rapport with media, gain public acceptance and understanding to grant exposure and garner interests. With Years of experience in Public Relations, Marketing, and Event coordination, Kre’Tonia Morgan has successfully coordinated events in every arena of entertainment including Sports Super Bowl XLV in Dallas Music, Coordinated and organized over 50 music events, Fashion handled press and media marketing and advertising for several fashion shows in Houston, small businesses marketing, branding, image creation, and enhancement. Ms. Morgan serves as an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists. Ms. Morgan is also a volunteer for the “Cup Cakes for Champs” homeless outreach ministry.

Anthony Fanucci

Director, Marketing and Stakeholder Relations

Anthony is a pharmacist and health care entrepreneur. Anthony has worked closely with providers for several years and he relates to the demands that accompany their lifestyle. As a PharMED Director, Anthony fosters genuine relationships with providers and finds top-notch solutions for their practice. Quality and efficiency are the two areas that Anthony emphasizes the most when determining which PharMED solutions match your needs. In 2020, a provider needs to do much more than care for patients. Anthony is looking forward to discussing how PharMED can handle your online presence while you provide for patients! 

Anthony Fanucci Director of Marketing and Stakeholder Relations
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