Healthcare Website Design

A Healthcare Website that is proven to attract, inform and retain patients, an interface that facilitates doctor - patient interaction as well as boosts appointment rates.

Website Design examples

Ophthalmology website

Physiotherapy website

Dental website

Psychology website

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  • SEO

  • Blogging

  • Analytics and Reports

  • Optimization


  • Online booking

  • Online store

  • Chat module

  • Social media


  • Custom graphics

  • Fluid, animated design

  • Mobile optimization


  • Content analysis

  • Navigation & Sitemap

  • Technical Requirements

  • Legal and Contract


  • Goal

  • Brand messaging

  • Patient persona

  • Competition


  • Telemedicine

  • Patient portal

  • ADA compliance

  • HIPAA compliance

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PHARMED is a Healthcare Consultancy and Marketing Agency run by Medical Affairs physicians from the Pharmaceutical Industry. We practice sustainable and ethical medical marketing for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare practices.


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