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Doctor Reputation Management

Reputation management for doctors is vital and it takes only a few dissatisfied patients to harm your ratings. For PHARMED, your reputation goes far beyond your online reviews and stars. Not only we deal with bad reviews but we follow a holistic approach that amplifies your online voice and skyrockets your reputation.

PHARMED Reputation Management Strategies

As a medical provider, your reputation is everything. Get a handle on it early and make a point to always improve. PHARMED provides comprehensive strategies to let your office shine, from developing who you are as a practice to contending with positive and negative feedback.

Personal Branding

What makes your practice who you are? How do you differ from your competition? Whether you’re defining this from scratch, or just need to refresh your branding, we can help. Personal branding is everything that makes your practice unique, from your ethics and values to why you’re different from other providers.

Online content

Everyday you spend your time caring for patients, keeping up-to-date with clinical research. Updating your website might be a low priority.

PHARMED’s content team of seasoned physicians will develop a content strategy and write quality articles for your website blog.

Audience Definition

Talking to your patients on social media goes beyond posting frequently. You need to know where they are. PHARMED will create your patient persona and find the media channels where they hang out. We will laser target your posts to the patients who want and need to read them.

Show on search engines

We’ll make sure that your website is designed and structured with SEO in mind, making it easier for search engines to find your site. From content structure to meta descriptions and keywords, PHARMED will enhance your web visibility.

What if Someone is Unhappy?


You probably don’t want patients to walk away being unhappy with their level of care. And chances are good that your practice will know if this has been the case when a negative review pops up. After all, people are over 20% more likely to leave a bad review than a good one. But that’s where being helpful comes in again. 


PHARMED is dedicated to review management for doctors in all practice areas. We'll work with your team to develop appropriate responses to negative reviews, showing just how much you care about your patients. While that’s no guarantee that an individual will remove or change their review, your positive response will show the public that you go the extra mile. To avoid an issue like this in the first place, consider implementing plans like:


  • Sending SMS messages to patients after their visit for direct feedback

  • Providing in-office review systems, such as on a tablet in the lobby

  • Encouraging patients to call a designated number to leave feedback

People need to know that they’ve been heard. Show that you care by following up in a professional, respectful way.

Doctor Reputation Management That Works

Has your practice recently struggled? Do you just want to maintain the highest standard of care and reputation within the community you serve? PHARMED will work with you to develop a positive reputation for your practice and individual physicians. Get in touch to discuss your options.

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