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Website Design for Doctors

You may think that you have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a web design agency for doctors. The truth is that marketing firms who claim that specialize in the medical field do not have real doctors onboard. 

PHARMED is the only digital agency run by doctors and employs the best talents in digital marketing. We share the same values and passion with physicians and we know how to create the best web experience for medical professionals. 

Trust PHARMED for Your Doctor Website Design Needs

We’re no strangers to medical website best practices. Our doctor website design services include:

Mobile Optimization

We take a mobile-first approach to doctor website design. This means each PHARMED website is designed and built with mobile devices in mind, and your new site will display properly on any device size.

Website Design and


Our team of graphic and UX designers partner with web developers to create visually-appealing and easy to navigate websites. 

Domain Registration

It’s important that your website URL matches your practice’s name so you’re easier to find on the web. PHARMED will research and discuss available choices with you and take care of registering your new web address.

Website Hosting

PHARMED takes care of the behind-the-scenes work of providing hosting solutions, guaranteeing that your website “lives” in a safe and secure place.

 Website Analytics

Curious how your website is performing after launch? The PHARMED team will conduct performance analysis, showing which parts of your site generate the most traffic, how much time visitors spend interacting and more.

Content Creation

Between tending to patients and research work, updating your website might be a low priority. PHARMED’s content team will develop a strategy and write quality content for your website and blog and post each piece with approval.

Email Accounts

Simplify communication with custom email accounts for your office. PHARMED can create custom email addresses for all members of your practice with leading providers like Gmail and Outlook, each reflecting your custom URL.


We’ll make sure that your website is designed and structured with SEO in mind, making it easier for search engines to find your site. From content structure to meta descriptions and keywords, PHARMED will enhance your web visibility.

Your Web Design for Doctors Go-To Resource


PHARMED doctors are in charge of a team of trusted designers and developers to execute helpful, visually-appealing, HIPAA and ADA compliant website design for doctors, combining design trends and development best practices with content your audience needs the most. But we understand that delivering the best web experience for your practice is a combination of function and budget. We work with doctors on website design projects to deliver quality cost effective solutions. 



Your website is your online home, the face of your practice and a valuable resource. We’ll help along the way. Curious how PHARMED can help you? Get in touch today to discuss your doctor website design project and marketing goals.

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