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In PHARMED we focus on what matters. 

We will never offer to you "one-size-fits-all" packaged solutions. 

We will increase your patient appointments by implementing a customized mix of the following:


First, lets talk about your branding 

 Beyond your logo and color palette: Your brand is a strategic superposition of your core values and expertise, your passion and commitment and incorporates your practice's culture, competitive intelligence insights, mission statement, tone of voice, patient persona and demographics. 

Rebranding aims to correct any shortcomings and ensure that all these brand components are clearly, actively and effectively promoted

Interested in a brand audit?

Second, lets talk about telemedicine and your

website design and functionality

A website that converts visitors to office appointments. Medical practices are moving fast into the digital space, upgrading their website, offering online intake forms, telemedicine, newsletters to their patients.

Your website is the projection of your office towards the digital space. 

See how your website compares to your local competition


Third, lets talk about your COVID-19 readiness and, importantly, your messaging

You simply cannot ignore the biggest healthcare event ever happened during your career as a healthcare professional. COVID-19 must be part of your medical messaging. 

As elective procedures resume, you have certainly implemented several safety measures. But have you been thorough enough, and do you communicate proactively your efforts?

Effective & Compliant

COVID-19 Outreach

Fourth, lets 

promote your medical practice

and get you more patient appointments

If your patients are not coming to your office is because they are online looking for answers. PHARMED knows where to find them and how to bring them back.

PHARMED will identify your patient demographics and laser target your prospective patients on google, facebook, instagram and any other appropriate channel. 

Expect 50% to 100% increase of patient contacts


Fifth, lets always practice 

Compliant Medical Marketing

Healthcare Digital Media must include WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and EN 301549, HIPAA compliant communication channels, social listening and SSL certificate. Additionally the content posted on your behalf by non-medical professionals can get you in trouble, this is why in PHARMED we have doctors supervising the marketers who promote your practice.

Talk to us about compliance


Six, you need to boost your  

Social Media presence

Americans spend 6 hours per day on social media. A quarter of your patient's live is experienced in the digital space. You need to be where your patients are.

If you thought that social media is for kids or not a serious enough medium for doctors, please think twice.

gerard headshots-2215 SUBMIT.jpg
_E0A5109 cropped.jpg

Finally, lets get personal

PHARMED is run by X Biotech Healthcare Marketing executives, medical doctors, professors, expert designers and marketers. We know the patient journey, we know medicine, we speak the same language as you do and we share the same passion for healthcare as you do. 

If you could have us, why would you trust a general marketing agency?

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