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The PHARMED Directory of Excellence

Apply to join the PHARMED directory of excellence and get found locally by thousands of patients.

  • How is this different from ZocDoc and other healthcare provider listing directories?
    Providers may only join by invitation or application. We do not charge you for joining the Directory of Excellence. We do not charge you when patients book appointments with you. You own your booking system. You own your reviews and we help you manage them in an ethical and sustainable manner. Your listing is a comprehensive page about you, a rich extension of your website, not merely your name and location.
  • Why do all these matter?
    Reduce no-shows. More importantly don't pay for them. Rely on your hard earned reputation rather than outsourcing it to platforms that encourage doctor shopping, diminish patient loyalty and severe the patient-provider relationship and trust. Never pay for patient referrals. It is not ethical for anyone to charge you for patient referrals.
  • What happens if I apply?
    You immediately gain access to the platform where you can start entering your information. The platform also offers complimentary access to world-class tools that will enable you or your staff to enhance your online presence across every platform. We encourage you to connect your account with your existing listings and website in order to gain access to your performance report. You may see an introductory video of the platform below. Within 1-2 business days our staff will contact your office and verify your information. If you don't have time to complete your listing we will work with your admin to add all the information required for patients to book appointments with your practice.
  • Is it free to join?
    Your listing will be free for life.
  • Is the directory currently live and used by patients?
    The directory is on BETA version and will go live between September 2021an the first quarter 2022.
  • Who can apply?
    Healthcare professionals registered to practice in the USA.
  • Why is it called Directory of Excellence?
    We only accept top 30% of applicants after thorough, manual review.
  • What are some benefits of being listed in the PHARMED directory?
    No fees for listings and no fees for patient appointments. Complimentary access to guides, news and online tools that will enable you to own your online reputation with minimal work that can be done by you or your admin.
  • Do I need to be a PHARMED client to join the Directory?
  • Do you offer direct booking?
    Not through the directory but yes through implementing a seperate HIPAA compliant booking function on your website, if you do not already have one.​ Experience with current "easy to book a doctor" platforms indicates that these systems are abused, and clients are making multiple bookings that lead to no-shows at the practice. We fight against booking platforms that aim to be "Opentable" for healthcare. Today’s technology is so advanced that relying on external booking platforms that charge you for appointments is sub-optimal. We can help you implement a booking system that you fully own on your website.
  • Why is PHARMED maintaining a directory of excellence?
    We are medical doctors and healthcare professionals like you. We share the same passion for healthcare and the same ethics, hence we are concerned for certain directions healthcare is taking in our times when patients rely on the online space for diagnosis and treatment.
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