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Growth Solutions for Medical Practices

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About Your Website

Upgrade or fully redesign your website. Reduce your current website costs by up to 50% and transfer your existing website on a versatile, faster platform, in a modern, fluid, user friendly, mobile optimized design. Our adaptive platform ensures that all other services can be "plugged" within 24 hours allowing you to scale up your marketing plan as you grow.

Reduce office waiting room times and admin workload by accepting online submissions of healthcare data such as COVID-19 screening questionnaire, medical history, insurance details, acceptance of terms and conditions and others.

ADA, AODA, Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 compliance: Meet the Americans with Disabilities Act standards for accessible design to ensure that your website is compliant and avoid potential lawsuits.

Search Engine Optimization ensures that your site ranks high on google searches relevant to your services. Included in the package: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Content SEO, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, eCommerce SEO.

PHARMED signature Website comes with a free blogging module that you can use to create blog posts yourself. This service refers to PHARMED blog management: PHARMED healthcare professionals will create SEO optimized, relevant to your patients and your services blog posts. Rank higher on Search Engines, engage patients, showcase your expertise, demonstrate that your practice is active and thriving.

Increase your appointments by 40% and reduce no shows with automatic reminders. Research shows that over 40% of medical appointments are booked out of hours when your office manager cannot answer the phone.

Over 70% of payments are done online. Patients prefer it and pay faster. Easier tracking, automatic reminders for late payments, offer  payment options, reduce admin workload. Add paperless, environmentally safe considerations to your core values.

Online shopping is the norm today. Create an additional revenue stream by offering products relevant to your practice and patients. Boost your website's search engine rankings by adding relevant content through your store. Use your online store to make offerings that will re-engage existing patients and attract new ones. 

Message a visitor the moment they see your website. Open a fast channel of communication with your prospective patients with a chatbot proven to increase website visitor engagement by 40%. 

Patients today are fully engaged in their treatment options and seek out information about their condition online. Adding disease awareness presentations on your website will establish your authority in your field of medicine, inspire confidence to your current and future patients and lead to an organic increase of appointment rates. Disease Awareness presentations will be created by medical doctors on your behalf and will be reviewed by you before they go online. 

About Your Listings

It's not just about having the correct information out there: The PHARMED Listing Distribution submits information about your practice to the main data aggregators. Over time, hundreds of sources will reference these aggregators to collect business data and create accurate listings based on your submitted information creating an organic SEO backlink wave that compliments and often rivals traditional SEO worthy of thousands of dollars. The PHARMED Listing Distribution will submit your practice's information to premium platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and over 150 listing directories and to the main data aggregators. FAQ

Your Google my business account is more than a yellow pages listing, it is in fact a microsite, a second website for your practice. Often, prospective patients will look at information such as insurance policies and services on this microsite before they visit your website. PHARMED will maintain your Google my Business listing with images, posts, blogs, new images, announcements and services. Google search ranks higher the listings that are updated regularly.

Reputation Management brings all of the factors that contribute to your business’s online presence in one place, so you can take control of your online reputation. 90% of patients stated that they will not see a provider if they have poor reviews, even if they have been referred to them.

About Your Promotion

Referrals are the lifeline for healthcare practices, however the patient journey to your practice is today more complicated: Patients are more engaged in their treatment than ever. They use social media to seek for recommendations and reviews to guide their physician choice. The single fastest way to be discovered while your SEO efforts work hard to build organic traffic to your website: Without Google ads 5-10 new patients may see your practice every month when they search for services. A successful promotional campaign will raise this number to several hundreds local patients.

Laser-target patients where they spend most of their time, social media. Facebook and Instagram ads, when properly done, are proven to increase brand awareness and increase patient appointments.

Remind your patients that you are there for them with automated (birthdays, annual checkups, seasonal greetings) or customized (disease awareness campaigns, practice offers) emails. Patient email outreach is proven to increase patient loyalty at a time when most of your competitors may be targeting your patients with ads and promotions. FAQ

Americans spend 2-3 hours per day on social media and your current and future patients are not an exception. A robust Facebook page and instagram account will ensure brand awareness and patient retention but more importantly will boost word of mouth referals when your current patients/followers will tag or share your posts with their friends. FAQ

Medical Branding & Design

Branding or re-branding may be required for a healthcare practice to make subtle yet impactful changes to the existing brand in order to reach more patients, promote new staff members or services.

Modernize your logo as part of our branding package or as a standalone effort to ensure recognition and recall that equals word of mouth referrals, concise communication regarding your values and expertise, differentiation from competitors, patient loyalty, and financial value.

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