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With decades of collective experience in big Pharma Medical Marketing and Medical Affairs, PHARMED offers customized solutions to the industry across all drug lifecycle stages.

PHARMED will bridge the gap between your asset and the market.

Insight Generation


There is often a disconnect between the clinical data and the external stakeholder perception of the drug's safety and efficacy. Insight generation is a dynamic continuous process that aims to define and bridge this gap. It is a vital process prior to any medical education or promotion activities.

  • Qual and Quant Market Research

  • Stakeholder Landscape mapping

  • Patient Persona definition

  • Patient Journey

  • HCP Persona definition

  • KOL Persona definition

  • Payor insights

  • Insight aggregation to actionable strategies

Competitive Intelligence and Strategy


Asset commercialization may succeed or fail regardless of factors such as first-to-market, regulatory designation or  a stellar safety & efficacy profile. Competition at a payor, prescriber or patient level is an essential component of your launch and marketing strategy.

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Competitor analysis

  • Time-in-phase benchmarks by indication

  • Market assessment

  • SWOT development

  • Key issues and opportunities

  • Key strategies and tactics

Medical Education


Medical Education involves the translation of clinical data to the language of different external stakeholders in an effective and compliant manner. Effective Medical Education will enable stakeholders to understand your product and make informed decisions. Medical to Medical communications are the first step in creating awareness of your asset and building relations with the scientific, medical, payor and patient advocacy communities. 

  • Medical Review, promotional materials

  • E-learning

  • Advisory boards

  • Fellowships

  • Key opinion leader mapping and management

  • Medical to Medical content generation

  • Educational grants and Investigator Initiated Research management

  • Salesforce and internal stakeholder medical education

  • Stakeholder data presentations

  • Disease state education

  • Disease awareness campaigns

  • Patient education

  • Content strategy

Pharmaceutical Marketing


Pharmaceutical Marketing brings together a multidisciplinary team: Medical Affairs, Legal, Regulatory and Marketing. The diverse expertise of this team is the only method for an effective, scientifically sound and compliant promotion in healthcare.

  • Creative concept and Brand identity

  • DTC Marketing

  • HCP Marketing

  • Creative content development

  • Storyboard development

  • Media Channel identification, integration and buying

  • Website development

  • Flexible, scalable, and measurable, SEM and SEO

  • Mobile app development

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Brand awareness campaigns

  • Disease awareness campaigns

  • Analytics and Reporting framework

  • Email Outreach

Brand Strategy


Brand Strategy aims to amplify the unique value proposition of a healthcare product in a manner that is effective towards multiple stakeholders. It is crucially important that as the product passes through its lifecycle stages towards loss of patent, the brand evolves, adapts to the continuously changing landscape and accumulates value through its established safety profile, new indications and a variety of lifecycle strategies and tactics.

  • Product positioning across lifecycle stages

  • Target Product Profile development

  • Safety and efficacy contextualization

  • Sub-population study research and justification

  • Real world data and registry planning

  • Lifecycle assessment and opportunities

  • New indication research

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