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PPC Advertising for Doctors

Looking something up on a search engine gives you relevant results, but advertisements do too. It’s called pay-per-click advertising, or PPC. As a medical provider, this can be a valuable option to explore. These ads are successful because they’re straightforward and can accomplish various goals. Pay a nominal fee each time someone clicks your ad(s) to be on your way to increased brand awareness, lead generation or website traffic. With relevant ads for major search engines and social media, you’ll be on prospective patients’ radars when they’re looking for a doctor. PHARMED works with you to bring patients who need you to your website and (eventually) to your door.

PHARMED’s Pay Per Click Strategy

When you’re focused on patient care, marketing has to come in second place. That’s why we do the heavy lifting of putting your name in front of people. PHARMED specializes in every aspect of PPC strategy and execution, and we continually refine our approach to produce winning results for your practice.

We take a holistic approach to paid advertising, including:

Keyword Research

PHARMED takes the time to understand your practice and find keywords that are relevant to you. Are you a General physician? We’ll emphasize “primary care physician” and similar. But it’s just as important to determine what your practice is not. We’ll create a list of terms you don’t want to be found for, or negative keywords, to ensure that only your ideal audience sees your ads and your budget is best used.


The right information and keywords for your audience help with ad placement, but so does your budget. We’ll work with you to set a budget for how much you’re willing to pay each time your ads are displayed, and set up the campaigns accordingly. Note that your budget could influence where and how often your ad shows.

Google Ads

Google Ads give your practice exposure. PHARMED will tell the Google Ads platform what kind of ad to show (text ads, display ads and more), which keywords to use and related demographics to take control over when your ads show. We’ll create and queue your ad to show in search engine results for your terms.

Testing and Optimization

At PHARMED, our work for you is never done, and we prefer it that way. For each campaign we create, we test multiple ad versions and keyword sets before launch and during the live campaign. We adjust when ads exceed or fall short of expectations and push forward toward greater success for you. We’ll also provide performance reports along the way.

Social Media Ads

Paid content on social channels works because it looks and feels like an organic experience, so audiences are comfortable interacting with ads. PHARMED will create social media ads for the platforms your audience uses most, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and SnapChat. Whether your goal is to increase patient numbers or drive people to your website, social ads can do it.

PHARMED Makes Medical PPC Advertising Easy


Do you want to increase awareness for your practice or drive website visits for appointment booking? PPC is one way to get there, and PHARMED is your trusted partner throughout the journey. People have countless options in choosing a doctor, so it’s tough to compete for the opportunity to provide care. We’ll work to change that, while respecting any necessary compliance or privacy guidelines. Get in touch today to discuss PPC advertising options.

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