Intelligent Website

Free website, no startup fees, continuous updates, SEO and blogging. From: $2500

A Medical Website design that is proven to attract, inform and retain patients, an interface that facilitates doctor - patient interaction as well as boosts appointment rates.

Medical websites must conform to regulatory requirements and ought to be HIPAA, ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 compliant. The risk of legal action against a non-compliant medical online presence is constantly increasing.

PHARMED was created with this intent, to ensure compliance as well as a cutting-edge intelligent design and functionality:

  • Custom creative

  • Fluid, animated design

  • Expert mobile optimization

  • SEO

  • HIPAA compliant intake forms

  • ADA compliance

  • Blog and weekly blogging by a doctor

  • Monthly analytic and traffic reports

  • Chat module

  • Online payments

  • Online store

  • Online appointment booking

  • Telemedicine integration

  • Patient portal

  • Social Media integration

  • Reviews integration

* Retainer fee covers the website development and has a duration relevant to the complexity of the project. After the initial duration, a significantly smaller retainer fee is required to cover continuous expert SEO to ensure discoverability, maintenance, hosting, blogging, rapid response updates, customer support, training and any other agreed ongoing services.


Patient Relations Management

From: $1000 monthly

The key to patient retention is an effective communication system that incorporates compassionate and humane contact with state of the art email design and scientific content translated into simple concepts.

PHARMED doctors will create the content for your patient outreach campaigns and ensure:

  • Personalized email communication to your existing patients monthly

  • Survey deployment to identify areas of improvement in your practice

  • Personalized greetings, wishes to existing patients

  • Scientific news relevant to your patients and your own clinical intrerests

  • Automated appointment setting reminders

  • Offers and promotions 

  • New treatment and product updates

  • Wellness advice 

  • Rapid communication of current trends

  • Reports, outreach performance and analytics

Medical Marketing and Advertising

From: $1500 monthly

Increase your office appointments and attract new patients with PHARMED expert promotion. We are ex big pharma Marketing executives and we know the healthcare sector, we are doctors and we share the same passion and values with you. 

While a general marketing agency will simply creates posts and burden you with advertising costs, we know how to strategically target your ideal patient and bring them to your office:

  • Target patient persona definition

  • Target patient detailed demographics

  • Target patient journey and decision making

  • Social Media channel identification

  • Precision demographic targeting

  • Intent data utilization

  • Social Media promotion

  • Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns 

  • Google Ads

  • Google my business

  • Influencer marketing

  • Programmatic advertising


Medical Reputation Defense

From: $600 monthly

It takes a few negative reviews to influence prospective patients. Even worse, a dissatisfied patient is 1000 times more likely to write a review for you than a content one. 

Reputation management and defense by PHARMED will ensure:

  • Media listening and responding to reviews.

  • Survey deployment to clients to capture areas of improvement and manage dissatisfied clients before they write a negative review

  • Personalized approach to negative reviewers to request that they reconsider

  • Combine existing reviews into aggregate report to identify patterns and areas for improvementOutreach to satisfied patients to prompt for positive reviews

  • Outreach to social media and platforms to remove unfair negative reviews

Social Media Management

From: $1500 monthly

Your reputation among your colleagues was achieved by publishing and participating in conferences and medical meetings. Your reputation among the public will be achieved with robust social media presence. 

A strong social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media platforms is a long term investment that requires consistency, deep understanding of your desired audience in order to increase your follower numbers, gain their loyalty and achieve high social media post engagement. 

PHARMED has grown instagram accounts from a few hundred followers to tens of thousand of followers in less than six months and we are ready to do the same for you:

  • Target follower persona definition

  • Target follower detailed demographics

  • Social Media channel identification

  • Content bank creation by doctors for you.

  • Post scheduling and posting

  • Social Media promotion

  • Custom post creative

  • Detailed metrics and performance reports.

  • Media listening and comment replying. 


PHARMED is a marketing agency for doctors, by doctors. We handle all of your medical marketing needs including physician advertising, reputation management for doctors, website design, and a host of other marketing services to promote your medical practice and gain the attention it deserves. 




220 Park Avenue South,

10003, New York, NY, USA.