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 Social Media Marketing for Doctors

People spend more time than ever connected to the web through social media. These channels are escapes from the everyday, convenient places to catch up with friends and family and treasure troves for marketers. PHARMED creates social media marketing campaigns for doctors who want to bring in new patients and build the reputation of their practice. We’ll examine available options and perform competitive research on strategies that work for offices of similar medical focus and provide a roadmap for your campaign.

Social Media Marketing for Physicians by Physicians

PHARMED’s doctor social media marketing efforts work because we understand the needs of the medical community and we speak your language. Our physicians work in tandem with seasoned social media marketers to deliver measurable results, respecting HIPAA privacy rules and regulatory compliance guidelines while crafting engaging ad content. But we know that social media isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy. That’s why we use a variety of tactics to get your messages to the right audience, such as:


PHARMED takes the time to understand your practice and find keywords that are relevant to you. Are you a foot doctor? We’ll focus on terms related to “podiatry.” General physician? We’ll emphasize “primary care physicians” and similar. But it’s just as important to determine what your practice is not. We’ll create a list of terms you don’t want to be found for, or negative keywords, to ensure that only your ideal audience sees your ads and your budget is best used.


It’s a go-to platform for younger audiences, so Instagram marketing for doctors is practically necessary to reach those demographics. From visually-appealing content to time-sensitive Stories, Instagram speaks to audiences quickly, in a time when attention quickly shifts. Have a major announcement? PHARMED can post and promote a Story from your account, putting your news in front of your audience. Video is also impactful, and we can create and post videos to enhance engagement or awareness for your practice. Need a different solution? Instagram also offers image and carousel ads.


Like Facebook, Twitter’s marketing options match various objectives. The platform makes it easy to create and target ads to your ideal audience, while working toward an end goal. PHARMED will work with you to define your needs and create effective advertising. Twitter’s awareness and engagement ads promote your tweets or your account, building your reputation with visibility, retweets and replies. But maybe you really want website traffic. In this case, PHARMED will create website cards, ads that are visually appealing, informative and link back to your site for more details. We can also track hashtag use to measure effectiveness.

PHARMED is Your Resource for Medical Social Media Marketing

What will it be? Tried-and-true Facebook? Maybe something newer like Instagram. What about TikTok and SnapChat? PHARMED will perform a demographic audit for your practice and target your current and future patients where they are.   Let us deliver your custom social advertising solution.


A physical office and a website aren’t enough to make your practice successful. At PHARMED, we know that you need to meet your patients where they are. Social media helps you do that, and in ways that are meaningful to the people you want to help. Get in touch today to discuss social media marketing solutions.

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