PHARMED Accelerate packages for healthcare:

Proven to increase your appointment numbers by up to 400%

Are you committed to a contract with another agency while getting charged for dubious "maintenance" monthly fees without visible ROI?

Get onboard with PHARMED and we will buy it out. See clear increase in your patient appointments, not meaningless numbers.


What happens after I activate a package? 

An account specialist will contact you within one business day to gather necessary information and set up timelines for execution​

What if I have an ongoing commitment with another agency? 

Get onboard with PHARMED now and start paying only when your current contract expires. ​

How long until I have a new website?

Depending on your package and current website size and complexity, within 1 to 6 weeks.​

What is the difference between SEO / Expert SEO and Genius SEO?

The difference is in the amount of hours spent and the types of SEO work performed, i.e. on site SEO, off site SEO, backlink creation etc.

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