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Healthcare Marketing Designed for Doctors

PHARMED is the only

Healthcare Digital Media agency

run by physicians for physicians

Our Doctors have decades of experience in big Pharma healthcare marketing, in compliance, in presenting complex medical topics and clinical data to various audiences ranging from patients to advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, regulators and global medical conferences.

Our Social Media experts have deep knowledge in digital marketing strategy, audience planning, campaign management, landing page design, SEO, PPC and high impact creative solutions. 

We speak the same language as you do and we share the same passion, ethics and values, placing the patient first in our everyday work.

Can you trust laymen marketing agencies generate HIPAA compliant, ethical, medically accurate content on your name?


Let our doctors handle your online presence with medical content curated for your own practice.

PHARMED is a Healthcare Consultancy and Marketing Agency run by Medical Affairs physicians from the Pharmaceutical Industry. We practice sustainable and ethical medical marketing for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare practices.


220 Park Avenue South,10003, New York, NY, USA. contact@pharmed.com