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Why working with PHARMED is far better than relying on platforms like Zocdoc or Healthgrades:



We don't charge for patient referrals and we fight against appointment cancellations and doctor shopping. We help you build your relationship with patients and ensure patient loyalty.


We help you chose the digital products that will maximize your ROI and never oversell you on one-size-fits-all solutions. We offer complimentary access and training to world-class tools, reports and guides that will enable you to make the right healthcare marketing choices. To get access to our portal click here.


We offer you three levels of collaboration with us to ensure that you and your staff have the desired involvement and training as well as to adjust the costs to your marketing budget. Learn about the PHARMED 3 Ds here.


You own your reputation rather than outsourcing it to a platform that changes it's algorithms according to the level of your subscription. You own your reviews and we help you to manage them. We build for you an online presence that you own and is an extension of your practice's equity.

Do you have capacity for new patients? 

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